Blog: Is Segmented Diversity Recruitment Right for Your Company?

Is Segmented Diversity Recruitment Right for Your Company?

The staffing industry has long been aware of how beneficial it is for companies to have a diverse workforce. Embracing this type of workforce is the easiest way for a company to create a culture that's rich with new and innovative ideas. It also ensures that a company is able to keep the right perspective on its target customers and the overall population.

Despite the numerous benefits that go along with this kind of diversity, far too many businesses of all sizes have approached the issue of diversity as more of a burden than a competitive advantage. For any company that's been on the fence about the issue of diversity, we want to share some information that demonstrates exactly what businesses can gain from segmented diversity recruitment.

Diversity and Its Benefits

At its core, diversity is a way to hire candidates based solely on their merit. When a company truly embraces this concept, they don't let factors like age or gender cloud their judgment about potential hires. Instead, they choose the person who's going to be the absolute best for the job. While there have been a growing number of initiatives in recent years to encourage diversity, it's important to remember that true diversity means not overcompensating by inadvertently discriminating against those who aren't from underrepresented groups.

Recent research provides two clear data points about the advantages of diversity. The first is in regards to gender-diverse companies. A company that falls into this category is 15% more likely to outperform one that's not. And for ethnically diverse companies, the likelihood of financial outperformance rises all the way to 35%. Given the benefits diversity has to offer, the main question companies need to answer is how to best make it a cornerstone of their recruiting efforts.

Segmented Diversity Recruitment 101

A strategy known as segmented diversity recruitment has gained a lot of attention due to the demand for an effective way to put diversity at the core of recruiting. With this method, which was borrowed from diversity marketing, data is used to customize a company's recruiting approach so that it aligns with the unique needs of different segments within the larger recruiting pool. How different groups look for new jobs, why members of a specific group would want to join a new company, what gets individuals to apply for a job and what's needed in order for different individuals to accept a job are all examples of the type of data that's analyzed and put to use through segmented diversity recruitment.

Based on that information, it's easy to understand why more companies are specifically seeking out specialized recruiting firms to help with this strategy. By utilizing the knowledge of experienced recruiting staff, businesses can get the employer solutions they need to reap all the benefits that diversity has to offer in 2016 and beyond.

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