Blog: How to Retain Employees By Keeping Them Satisfied

How to Retain Employees By Keeping Them Satisfied

Based on the positive feedback we received when we published Employee Retention Strategies You Should Be Utilizing NOW, we want to share additional advice about how businesses can retain their most valuable employees by focusing on satisfaction:

Put Employees First

Plenty of companies have built most of what they do around putting customers first. However, a growing number of companies are challenging this model by making the decision to put employees first. What's interesting about this approach is companies have found that by putting their focus on making employees feel happy and motivated, those employees in turn have a compelling reason to do whatever is needed to take care of customers.

Prioritize Attitude

Hiring is a key component of how long on average employees will remain with an organization. One strategy to consider is placing more of an emphasis on attitude during hiring than on technical skills. Although a common assumption is this type of hiring will require more training, companies that follow this approach have found that employees who are hired based on their attitudes learn faster and adapt quicker to changes.

Prevent New Hires From Feeling Lost

The initial experience a new employee has will directly impact the likelihood of them staying with a company for the long-term. The best way to make this experience a positive one is to put policies and programs in place that make it clear to new hires that they are valued. Having these types of resources for new hires will also cut down on the amount of time it takes new hires to fully transition into their role.

Emphasize Growth

One of the reasons it's so challenging for companies to hold on to talented employees is there are always new opportunities opening up for them. If a company doesn't provide the same type of opportunities, that employee is going to go somewhere else. The best way to keep talented individuals happy and satisfied is to provide opportunities for growth within their existing company.

Don't Sacrifice Employees During Bad Times

It's easy for a company to treat their employees great when business is on an upswing. However, the real test for a company is how it treats employees when conditions take a turn for the worse. The same is true for dealing with a bad event that occurs in the life of an employee. In that situation, allowing someone to take a few extra days off to deal with the situation can show employees that the organization they're working for does truly care. And while financial conditions during a downturn may require hours to be cut or an employee to be let go, how that challenge is handled by the company will directly impact the reputation they have for how their employees are treated.

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