Blog: How to Successfully Change Your Company Branding

How to Successfully Change Your Company Branding

Whether your company has been around for a few years or over a decade, the thought of changing your branding can be a scary proposition. However, many companies reach a point where they know that making a change is the right decision. If you're at that point and are focused on how to ensure that the branding changes you make are a success, we have put together five tips to help with this transition:

1. Stay Focused on the Big Picture

There are a lot of different things that may need to get done during a rebranding project. While details do matter and you should avoid rushing any decisions, it's equally important to not get bogged down by any minor issues. Staying focused on the big picture of what you want to accomplish by changing company branding will help to keep this process on the right track.

2. Don't Shy Away From Expert Help

When a business is brand new, time and resources tend to be very limited. That's why it's often best for a new business to simply hit the ground running. But as a business grows, getting to the next level may require a different approach than what's been previously done. So even if your company didn't enlist outside help when you first developed your brand, you may now be at a point where seeking out expert guidance is the best option.

3. Prioritize Your Clients or Customers

Since branding is a challenging process, there are a number of mistakes that businesses can make throughout it. One of those mistakes is making decisions around personal opinions or preferences. While collaborative input is important, what matters most about branding is that it resonates with target clients or customers. Dedicating ample time to speaking with that target group and getting their genuine thoughts about specific elements of rebranding will result in a much stronger outcome than a process that's primarily dictated by internal stakeholders.

4. Communicate

Although you don't have to reveal everything until the rebrand process is complete, it's definitely best to communicate to your existing audience about the upcoming changes. You can show sneak peeks through social media and email. You'll also want to spend plenty of time explaining the why and what of this change to employees.

5. Utilize Your Relaunch for Marketing and PR

A great way to get your rebrand in front of new audiences is to use this launch as a marketing and PR opportunity. Thinking about both of these initiatives throughout the process of changing your company's brand will help you capture people's attention and get them excited about the changes you're making.

By staying focused on the big picture, not shying away from expert help, prioritizing your clients or customers, communicating and utilizing your relaunch for marketing & PR, you'll be able to make the process of changing company branding very successful.

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