Blog: Strategies for Sourcing Candidates in the Digital Era

Strategies for Sourcing Candidates in the Digital Era

Well-Written Job Descriptions

Write a compelling job posting. When writing the job description, avoid the traditional and boring copy. Ads need to be creative and stand out among the thousands of listings posted every day. Include an attractive title, compelling content, and benefits of the job and the company. Include a description of what the person will be doing, learning, and becoming. Try to filter in the right candidates versus of screening out the wrong ones. Describe the skill in the context of how it will be used within the job role. For example, try verbiage like, "Use your accounting background in manufacturing to help us build a new reporting system,” to help attract top quality people to the candidate pool.

Build Talent Pipelines

As you begin sourcing, act with urgency. There's been a significant shift from employers to candidates. Top talent is in high demand. If you are wanting top quality candidates, move quickly or your competition could beat you to the opportunity. If there is a high volume of candidates, the emphasis should be on screening. Consider an automated pre-screener with scoring if the volume is too high. If there's a low volume of candidates, consider focusing more on sourcing. During the sourcing process, and afterward, continue to build your talent pipeline. A candidate may not be the right fit today, but they might be the perfect fit for a future role. That is why it is important to leave candidates with a positive feeling about your organization.

Build a Company Brand

A strong company brand helps attract talent and acts as an inbound sourcing tactic versus outbound. Have potential candidates heard of your company in a positive light? If not, how do you get your brand in front of potential candidates to enhance your recruiting efforts? With so many platforms to share opinions, part of building a brand includes online reputation management. One way to build on your company brand is through social media, like a Business Page on Facebook or a Showcase Page on LinkedIn. Research shows that 2 in 3 candidates say they will accept a lower salary if the employer has a good brand.

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