Blog: How Can HR Impact Employee Engagement?

How Can HR Impact Employee Engagement?

Although most companies are actively working to increase employee engagement, statistics show that engagement across most industries is actually down. So why are results not lining up with the amount of effort that's being put into this pursuit? The seemingly simple but actually quite complicated answer is that engagement isn't something that can be accomplished with shortcuts. Instead, it's an objective that must occur organically. That means starting with a single employee and spreading through the organization.

While the challenges presented by employee engagement can be frustrating for companies to fully accept, the good news is there are actions companies can take to kick off the organic expansion of engagement. Here are four specific actions that will play a key role in increasing engagement:

Hire Positive Employees

As alluded to in the title of this post, HR can play a key role in maximizing employee engagement. In fact, optimal engagement begins by hiring employees with a positive attitude. If people come into a company with a bad attitude, no amount of culture is going to change their outlook. Since this step is so important, many HR departments partner with outside recruiting firms that specialize in recruiting candidates for their respective industry. Recruiting staffs such as these, provide a variety of employer solutions that are carefully tailored to deliver employees with a great attitude.

Hire the Right Employees

In addition to having a positive attitude, it's crucial to hire employees who are willing to do the work and have the skills to do so. If a company makes the mistake of trying to put employees with good attitudes into roles that they simply don't have the skills to handle, it's going to have an adverse effect on engagement. Specialized recruiting firms can identify employees with the right skillsets for even the most specialized of roles.

Prioritize Taking Action

There can be value in activities like surveying employees about engagement and other relevant topics. That being said, too many companies use those types of activities as a way to procrastinate with actions that can actually help to move the needle. That's why focusing on tasks like hiring the right employees with positive attitudes will yield far superior results than putting resources into conducting yet another survey.

Enable Engagement to Start From the Bottom

There are certain initiatives that need to start at the top of an organization and then work their way down into the rest of it. But in the case of engagement, it needs to begin at the bottom. By putting employees in a position where they can have a meaningful impact on a company's culture, it gives them real motivation to bring their best ideas forward. So if you're currently looking for a recruiting firm that can identify employees the right skillsets, M4 Workforce Solutions can help. Thanks to our experience with engineering/technical recruiting, we can deliver the right candidates for even the most specialized of roles. Contact us today to learn more.

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