Blog: Common Interview Mistakes

Common Interview Mistakes

Are you stuck in an endless cycle of interviews, never advancing further into the hiring process? Clearly the problem is not your resume, they requested an interview with you after all. The problem could be a mistake you are making during your interviews. You could be fully qualified for the position, but if you leave the interviewer with a bad impression, do not expect to make it to the next round of the process. Take time to review these common mistakes and make the necessary changes in your attitude and skills before your next interview.

The Easy Fixes

One of the first, biggest mistakes you can make during your interview would be showing up late, or even too early! Inconveniencing your interviewer can give them a bad impression before they even get a chance to talk to you. The best time to show up for an interview is approximately 10 minutes before your scheduled interview time, leaving a little room for dealing with doormen, receptionists, elevators, etc. Also, looking disheveled, rushed, or dressing inappropriately are also negatives. It is rarely excusable to dress at any level below business casual for a job interview and, if you are unsure of the dress code, it is better to overdress!

Study Time

Employers want to see that you did your homework before your interview and it will be obvious to the interviewer if you did not take time to prepare. You want to show them that you are genuinely interested in their company and working with them. Show them a little enthusiasm when discussing your interest in the position and bring up some key details about their company throughout the interview to prove you did your research beforehand.

Out With the Negativity

As expected, you will be asked questions about your previous employers during your interview. Bad-mouthing or talking too negatively about these situations will give your interviewer the impression that you are a negative person. No company wants employees that portray them negatively and doing this during your interview will make them wonder if that is how you will behave once hired. Remember to put a positive spin on your negative experiences from past jobs.

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