Blog: Give Your Career a New Year Refresh

Give Your Career a New Year Refresh

The new year is a time to start fresh, make changes, and improve your life! You may be feeling stuck, unhappy with your current position and wanting to make changes, or you could be extremely happy in your situation and just wanting to improve the little things. Regardless of your situation, this list will be beneficial to start your New Year (and new decade) in a positive way!

Update Your Resume

Even if you are not looking for a new job at the moment, you should be updating your resume annually. This will always be beneficial to you! Even if you are happy with your position or the current state of your career, an updated resume will keep you on track and less likely to leave out important information when your resume is needed. Once your update is complete, it never hurts to ask for a little feedback. Maybe this year you are trying to work on how you take criticism? Use this opportunity to improve your resume and work on your New Year's resolutions!

Apply for a New Job

The beginning of a new year is one of the best times to apply for a new job. Employees will come back from their holiday break feeling refreshed, ready to take on new challenges in the workplace, which could lead to your resume ending up on their desk. Maybe you are feeling a big move for the new year? Apply for a job in a different state! But keep in mind while this may be something you have been craving, an impulsive decision could be a major mistake. With the holiday break you may have from your current job, take time to research and be prepared going into the new year. Feeling planned and prepared will help you start your year off more productive.


Put those holiday gatherings to good use for your career. You may be dreading to going to your significant other’s holiday party or gathering with extended family, but you never know who you might run into there! Be open to mingling and learning about what others are currently working on, they may know of opportunities or be itching to make a career change with the New Year as well. Keep an optimistic attitude about the new year and use it to your benefit. Get out there and make some connections!

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