Blog: Adjusting Hiring Strategies During and Post-COVID19

Adjusting Hiring Strategies During and Post-COVID19

COVID-19 has been changing the way many work since as early as January in the United States and it does not look like things are going back to "normal" any time soon, if ever. These new circumstances call for new practices. To accommodate for all of these changes in the workplace, the organizations and the human resources industry as a whole need to adjust hiring and onboarding strategies.

Prepare Remote Onboarding Practices

There is no denying that every aspect of work is becoming more digital and that includes HR. Because not everyone is working under the same circumstances, it is important to be able to onboard new hires digitally and provide the technology that may be needed for the onboarding process or flexibility in their new role.

It can be tough for new hires to adjust to their new role, work environment, and teammates or coworkers remotely. Finding a strategy to set them up for success without the face-to-face interaction, that most are used to, is key. This will require open lines of communication between the new hire, HR, and leadership, available assistance with technology, and networking opportunities for the new hire to connect with their new coworkers.

For more ideas on adjusting your remote onboarding processes, check out this checklist.

Be Observant During Virtual Interviews

Social distance recruiting will give you a perspective that you do not usually get during traditional style interviews. Virtual interviews, through Google Meet, Zoom, or other platforms, will give you a more personal glimpse into your candidates. For instance, if a candidate takes an interview from their home, take notice of how organized, or disorganized, their space appears - this could be critical insight depending on the position they are seeking. These types of interviews can also tip you off to how savvy candidates are with technology or how easily distracted they are with a device (or two) within reach.

Find New Ways to Connect

It may be harder to connect with candidates than usual now that schedules and situations vary. This is the perfect time to start running ads through Google or social platforms, like Facebook and LinkedIn, or launch an email marketing campaign or job openings. Advertising and email marketing campaigns are great opportunities to stay in touch or remarket to those that have visited your website, gated content, or applied for openings in the recent past. Both of these options require time and talent, or a marketing department. If your company does not have this option, it may be a great time to seek outside help from a recruiting or staffing company, like M4 Workforce Solutions. Recruiting agencies put in the time and effort to find the perfect candidates for you, utilizing the latest in job search technologies and a continually-curated network of candidates.

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