Blog: What Companies Need to Know About Employee Behavior

What Companies Need to Know About Employee Behavior

One of the key elements that determine whether or not a workplace is productive is employees' behavior. Before we dive into this topic, it's worth noting that there's not a single type of behavior that's the ideal fit for every single workplace. Instead, it's something that companies need to define for themselves.

Based on that, the real question is once a company has a clear understanding of the types of behaviors they want from employees, how can they ensure that those behaviors are consistently exhibited? We've put together a list of the five best ways to accomplish that goal:

Great Matches Start During the Hiring Process

A big part of why it's so important for companies to clearly identify the behaviors that are most important to them is because great matches start during hiring. While we're going to cover ways to encourage desired behaviors, that task is an uphill battle if an employee simply isn't the right fit for a workplace. Making behavior matches a priority during hiring makes every other part of this task much easier.

Clear Communication is Key

Taking the time to hire people who are the right fit for a workplace puts everything on the right track. That being said, companies can't expect employees to read their minds. That's why it's crucial for communication related to behavior to be clear and consistent.

Leaders Need to Set the Example

Not only does a company need to communicate what kind of behavior it wants from employees, but leaders within the company should make a conscious effort to consistently model the type of behavior that's expected from employees. When company leaders actually walk the talk, it creates a workplace that's better for everyone.

Monitor and Reinforce

It's important for managers to monitor the prevalence of desired behaviors in the workplace. Being aware of how employees are acting and paying attention to when ideal behaviors are being exhibited provides the best opportunities to reinforce the importance of those behaviors.

Find the Root Cause Behind Any Issues

Following the first four tips we covered will help companies, leaders and managers make a lot of progress with optimizing behavior in the workplace. However, human beings are complicated, so it's inevitable that issues will come up from time to time. When they do, the best way to successfully resolve them is to take the time to identify the root cause. Once it's clear why something happened, it becomes possible to find a lasting solution to it.

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