Blog: The Importance of a Healthy Workplace Culture

The Importance of a Healthy Workplace Culture

A positive workplace culture is essential for productivity and active engagement within your company. Setting the tone for your culture and helping it evolve at the same pace as the rest of your company can seem daunting, but it is a must in today’s business world.


If cost is your worry, it is possible to start slow. Employee surveys and focus groups are low cost, but cost efficient ways to dip your toes in and get a feel for the culture that would work best for your company. Be clear about the changes you are planning to make within your company. Being transparent about this will help build trust and that will be an important foundation to building an active and productive culture.

A helpful tip for cultivating the right culture for your company and making sure that it is a positive one is to follow the PERMA Model. The PERMA Model can be useful in many aspects, such as business, education, and career development. The five parts of PERMA are positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, and achievement, all of which contribute to happiness in the workplace.


Leadership will set the tone for the culture in your company. Your leaders must help create trust and offer continuous support to those around them in order to boost engagement. This is important as these leaders will be the key to setting your cultural tone. If leadership within your company is toxic, your workplace culture will become toxic as well.


A healthy workplace culture takes work. Be continuously thoughtful about what kind of culture would help to strengthen your company. Remember that a healthy culture is much more than just having a “fun” environment. Creating engagement through trust and transparency will boost productivity, minimize burn outs, and create open dialogue in which all employees feel comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. Culture will always evolve, so nurture it, evaluate your plan often, and continue to set new goals.

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