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Dress for Success

At M4, one of our areas of expertise is helping job seekers find the right position. Since we've helped so many job seekers get into positions that are the right fit for their skills and personality, we have extensive firsthand knowledge of what it takes to land the right job.

Because we want to continue helping job seekers accomplish this goal, we make it a priority to share as much useful information as possible. One area that we've found we can't cover often enough is the importance of a first impression. Although you've likely heard this statement numerous times, it's something many people forget to really take to heart.

If you take two candidates who are equally qualified and both have agreeable personalities, it's almost guaranteed that the job will go to the person who puts noticeable effort into their appearance. While some people think it's shallow to judge candidates based on how they present themselves, it's important to remember that it's another signal just like how you format your resume or the grammar you use in your cover letter.

Although you don't have to be a fashion expert to look great at an interview, it is important to put effort into how you dress and present yourself. When candidates fail to take that step, they're basically telling a potential employer that they don't care about details. Not surprisingly, the majority of potential employers are going to pass on someone who sends that signal.

Now that we've clarified why it is so important to put effort into how you dress yourself, we thought it would be interesting to dig into a little psychology. Specifically, we're going to take a look at five different colors and how they influence people's perception:


Even though black may not seem like an exciting choice, the reason that so many people choose to wear this color is because it's a timeless choice that communicates authority and power.


Out of all the color options for an interview, gray is the most popular. Not only is it a confident and sophisticated choice, but it ensures the interviewer won't be distracted and will instead be focused on you.


This color is associated with intensity and aggression. Although there are situations where it makes sense to wear a red tie or another accent, interviews generally aren't the right time for this color.


Because this color is tied to being solid and reliable, it is a good option for certain types of interviews.


If you're going to wear a gray suit to an interview, a blue tie is a great choice. The reason is this color puts people at ease, as well as symbolizes control and loyalty.

While the above information should help you look great, that's just one of many things needed to land the right job. If you want to give yourself the best chance to succeed, be sure to take a look at how M4 can directly help you as a job seeker.

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