Blog: Why Should You Use a Recruiting Firm?

Why Should You Use a Recruiting Firm?

In a recent survey of HR professionals, 84% of respondents said that hiring qualified applicants is currently a significant challenge due to applicants lacking when it comes to applied skills. Since this is a problem that businesses across numerous industries face, one way to solve it is by using a recruiting firm. If you've been thinking about using a recruiting firm but still aren't completely sure how one will help with your hiring challenges, we want to highlight five things the right firm can do for you:

1. Raise the Quality Level of Every Hire You Make

LA common question that businesses have about recruiting firms is what they can do differently than the business is already doing on its own. One answer to that question is covering both the active and passive talent market. Thanks to this coverage, the right recruiting firm can play a key role in boosting the overall quality of every new hire your business makes.

2. Access to Stronger Candidates

When a business looks at a competitor that is very good at recruiting, they may wonder how they're able to constantly bring in top-notch talent. This type of success often stems from being very good at passive recruiting. Since this is something recruiting firms do very well but may simply be too time-intensive for a single corporate recruiter, working with a firm is a great way to level the playing field.

3. Tap Into An Established Network

The best recruiting firms take a long-term approach to hiring talent. Part of this approach involves developing networks that are very strong. So when a firm begins working with a company that needs to hire a specific type of employee, the firm can instantly tap into their network and surface excellent candidates at a speed that simply isn't possible for most companies to do on their own.

4. Opportunity to Build a Long-Term Relationship

Although a great recruiting firm will be able to help with short-term, long-term or direct hire solutions, most growing businesses have an ongoing need for new talent. Starting to work with a firm now will give you an opportunity to build a long-term relationship and ultimately gain even more from working together.

5. Hiring Based on Your Specific Needs

If a business tried using a recruiting firm but wasn't happy with the results, there's a good chance it was because the firm was a generalist. By working with a firm that understands the specific type of employee you're trying to recruit, you can maximize the value of this relationship.

By finding a recruiting firm that specializes in the specific area where your business needs help hiring and then using their services, you can raise the quality of every hire your business makes, gain access to stronger candidates, tap into an established network, have the opportunity to build a long-term relationship with the firm and hire based on your exact needs.

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