Blog: 5 Ways to Keep Employee Morale High

5 Ways to Keep Employee Morale High

Research has found that as many as seventy percent of all workers in the US are disengaged. That leads to a variety of workplace problems ranging from lost productivity to high turnover. Although combatting disengagement can be a challenge, it's definitely something that can be done. Given that companies with engaged employees perform up to two hundred times better than competitors struggling with disengagement, there's no question that it's a challenge worth tackling.

So whether you're focused on increasing employee morale or are happy with where morale is currently at but want to take action now to prevent it from dropping, we've put together five proven strategies related to employee morale:

1. Make Work More Than a Job

A study involving nearly fifty thousand businesses around the globe found that mission is a powerful driver of organizational performance. When a business has a mission that makes employees feel like the work they do is more than just a job, those employees are more likely to stay, take proactive steps to create a safe environment, have higher productivity and connect with customers to the benefit of the organization.

2. Consider a Version of 20% Time

For over a decade, Google has been known for their practice of encouraging employees to spend 20% of their time working on "personal" projects they think will most benefit Google. While this policy has gone through multiple iterations over the years, it's an interesting concept and one that other businesses can benefit from using as inspiration.

3. Celebrate Accomplishments

Even though it's important for companies to keep their eye on the future, that focus shouldn't come at the expense of brushing past current accomplishments. By finding creative ways to celebrate the accomplishments of individuals and teams, leaders can remind employees that the work they do is valued.

4. Mix Things Up

When nothing significant is going wrong within a business, it's tempting to double-down on maintaining the status quo. However, countless examples have shown that to be a losing strategy. The same can be true for employee morale. Even if it's fine right now, being proactive about engaging employees in new ways may be exactly what's needed to prevent a future morale dip.

5. Don't Underestimate Fun

Happiness and fun go hand-in-hand, which is why it's so important for businesses to find opportunities for everyone to have a little fun. Keep in mind that this practice doesn't need to be elaborate or distracting. Something as simple as adopting a fun Friday afternoon practice can have a meaningful impact.

By making work more than a job, considering a version of 20% time, celebrating accomplishments, mixing things up and not underestimating fun, businesses can reap all the benefits that go along with maintaining high employee morale.

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