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M4 is a specialty recruiting and staffing resource that provides customized workforce solutions. We realize that in order to be a high performing business, you need a high performing workforce. M4 stands ready to put our experienced staff to work for you. By utilizing the latest in job search technologies, and a continually developed network of candidates, we believe we can deliver the results you need.

Our staff experience spans 4 decades, and combines recruiting skills, candidate search capabilities, and industry specific experience. Our goal is to get to know our clients, and acquire job specific criteria to assist us in finding the right candidate for the right job. Beyond the technical skills required, we are also keenly aware of other candidate attributes that are important to our clients; personality, job fit, industry background, and communication styles to mention a few.

To meet our high standards, our M4 candidates must pass the following placement criteria:

Proven Job Performance

We insist on thorough reference checks for each of our M4 candidates to verify skill levels, performance histories, character, and attitude. We also continuously build our pool of proven professionals by monitoring on-the-job performance and soliciting client satisfaction feedback.

Sharp Minds, Top Skills and Education

One of the most significant performance predictors is a strong analytical ability to diagnose and solve problems. M4 assessments will enable us to select the appropriate knowledge and skill tests to determine specific knowledge, software proficiency, and business skills.

Strong Work Principles and Work Ethic

Comprehensive behavioral tests give us the ability to focus on a candidate's "will do" attitudes, such as teamwork and work ethic. These behavioral assessments can be customized based on the client need and screening requirements.

Professional Appearance and Demeanor

Our Recruiters continuously assess each candidate through a screening process that begins before the first face-to-face interview. When the stakes are this high, "good enough" people are not good enough. Individuals are observed and evaluated on whether they arrive to the interview on time, look and act professionally, and treat people with courtesy and respect.

Employer Solutions

Our engineering and office specialties are growing service lines, due to our big company resources, technical expertise, and personalized service style.

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Job Seekers

If you are looking for a new job opportunity, consider M4 as a partner in providing you a successful transition. Our goal is to not only find you the right job for now, but also the right job for the future.

M4 is right for you, learn why here...

Contact Us

At M4, we like to keep things simple and convenient to our clients. You can reach us by phone, email or text message.

Phone: 513-618-6466

Our Mission Statement

M4 Workforce Solutions is a specialty staffing and recruiting firm that is dedicated to providing a high level service to each client and candidate. We are not interested in being all things to all people, and that is why we focus on just a few placement categories: Engineering, Technical, and Office Professionals. We know that our clients are looking for real solutions, and we are here to provide those solutions.

Why M4? We wanted to ensure that our mission statement and corresponding values are always at the forefront of what we do. We consider these 4 main points to be the building blocks of our company’s success.

Our 4 Drivers for Success:

Recruiting with Client Focus

Providing Clear Communication

Meeting Client Expectations

Ensuring Client and Candidate Satisfaction

Contact Us

At M4, we like to keep things simple and convenient to our
clients. You can reach us by phone, email or text message.

Phone: 513-618-6469

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