Blog: Improving Recruitment Efforts

Improving Recruitment Efforts

Recruiting is an integral part of the growth and success of a company. This can be a challenge for many companies as it can be a very difficult and expensive task, but improving recruitment efforts can be a great boost in the quality and potential of employees.

Deciding Between a Passive or Active Recruiting Plan

A helpful first step is to decide if a passive or active recruiting plan would be best for your company. In this case, a passive recruiting plan would mean waiting for candidates seek out your company on their own. This would mean creating a job posting, for instance on your company websites or local newspaper ads, and then sitting back and waiting for candidates to apply. An active recruiting plan is a more engaging and specialized route. This means seeking out potential employees who may not even be looking for the specific role you’re trying to fill, but could be the perfect fit. This can be done in many different ways - through more specific job postings on multiple platforms, job fairs, networking, etc.

Take Advantage of Technology

These days there is a lot of technology available to help a company find the right candidates beyond a typical face-to-face meeting or interview. For example, there are many tests available online that can evaluate a candidate’s skills and personality traits to find out if they are the right fit before the company has fully invested. Although these tests can slow down the hiring process, in the end this step is a great investment before spending more time and money in the end by hiring the wrong candidate for your company. Also, as far as technology goes, social media has created many new platforms for recruiting. It is a way for your company to be super accessible to the masses while being specific about job opportunities. These platforms can also be a great way to connect with, search for, and assess potential candidates. Of course there are add-ons and potential expenses, but social media can be a free or easily affordable tool for recruiting candidates for your company.

Outsourcing to Recruitment Professionals

Recruiting can be a costly and time consuming task for some companies and because of this, sometimes it makes more sense to look into hiring recruitment professionals to find the best potential candidates. This can be very beneficial for businesses requiring technical or trade-specific employees because recruitment professionals can create a specialized recruiting plan with their multitude of resources and expertise. For instance, here at M4 Workforce Solutions, we focus on creating specialized recruiting plans for engineering, skilled industrial, and office professional needs. Specialized recruiting strategies help to lower turnover and maximize retention by identifying the right employees for these very specific roles.

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