Blog: How to Avoid Making the Wrong Hires

How to Avoid Making the Wrong Hires

Hiring is likely at the top of the priority list during times of growth. While bringing on new talent may be exactly what a company needs to continue its upward momentum, companies sometimes make the mistake of hiring too quickly to solve the new challenges they're facing.

Hiring can be a double-edged sword. When done correctly, talented new employees will take a company to new heights and make a lasting impression. But if a company sacrifices quality in favor of quantity, it can have significant consequences. In addition to costing a company thousands of dollars, a bad hire can also severely damage productivity and negatively impact your company culture. It is critical to make the right hires. Here are a few ways companies of any size can maximize their hiring success.

Crystal Clear Descriptions

The single most effective measure any company can take to attract great candidates and deter lackluster ones is to write clear and compelling job descriptions. Instead of settling for a generic description, companies should write like they are speaking to their ideal candidate. By taking the time to write specific descriptions on job roles are really looking for in a candidate and what will be expected of the individual that fills the role, companies can steer clear of wrong hires.

Tell Your Story

You want to hire new employees who will be a great fit within your company culture. Although someone new will not understand every aspect of your culture until they are part of it, being sure to tell your company’s story through your website and social media will give candidates useful insight. If your company feels like the right place for them, they will keep you on their radar even if the first position they apply for is not the perfect fit.

Make It Easy

This ties into the previous two points. By putting as much information out as possible, potential candidates will be able to decide for themselves if they feel like they are a good fit for your company and its culture. Making it possible for candidates to research your company also means that you will be able to gauge how interested they really are in the job.

Stay Proactive

Companies can put themselves in the best possible position by staying proactive with their candidate search. Even when a company is not actively hiring new employees, they should make it a priority to keep their eyes out for good candidates. Social media, especially LinkedIn, is a great tool to help you stay active in your search for potential candidates. By using a proactive approach to build a pipeline of qualified candidates, companies will have a great starting point whenever they are ready to bring on someone new.

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