Blog: HR Trends to Prepare for in 2019

HR Trends to Prepare for in 2019

Human resources management faced many issues and a lot of adversity in 2018. Gender pay gap, the #MeToo movement, mental health awareness, and the beginnings of a serious skills shortage were all at the forefront last year and some of these issues will still be in the spotlight throughout 2019.

Preparing for Diversity

It is expected that diversity and inclusion in the workplace will, with the aid of HR, start to improve in 2019. Use of AI, another HR trend to prepare for, during the hiring process will help eliminate unconscious biases. The hiring of a variety of races, sexes, socio-economic statuses can only strengthen companies, bringing different worldviews and opinions to their work, culture, and reputation. #MeToo brought workplace harassment and sexism to the forefront of HR last year, meaning new laws and standards will continue to roll out for the safety of both employees and employers.

Investing In Talent

As the skills gap continues to widen, companies will need to start upskilling and reskilling. HR and management will need to get creative. This is the perfect time to start investing in the talent you already have onboard, if you have not already. Also, this is a great time to take a chance on candidates who do not meet all the skill requirements for the position, but show motivation, a willingness to learn new skills, and commitment and drive to grow with your company. Not only will companies now have the opportunity to develop candidates to excel at their company specifically, investing in these employees will also benefit employee engagement, which in turn, can help to lower employee turnover.

Personalization back into HR

This year, human resources managers will need to find a way to personalize recruiting efforts, onboarding processes, and leadership strategies. Recruiters need to start personalizing their messaging thought a variety of outlets to target different generations, helping to build a relationship with candidates from the first moment of contact. Each employee is different so there should be no question that they will want different things out of the onboarding process. As for personalization in leadership, Lucy Rivas-Enriquez of Union Rescue Mission said it best, "If we cannot articulate why people matter and how our policies and programs help support strategic goals, then we cannot help the organization move forward." It's time to put the human back into human resources!

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