Blog: Are Pre-Employment Personality Tests a Useful Tool for Hiring?

Are Pre-Employment Personality Tests a Useful Tool for Hiring?

Regardless of the industry, hiring is essential for enabling a company to grow and succeed. While hiring is a requirement for any company that wants to move forward, it's not something that should be taken lightly. Research shows that hiring the wrong employee is one of the most damaging mistakes that a company can make.

In addition to the estimated $50,000 cost that goes along with a bad hire, bringing the wrong person into a workplace can be absolutely toxic. Although it's a little scary to realize just how serious the consequences of hiring incorrectly can be, the good news is there are numerous strategies and tools to avoid that kind of mistake.

The tool that we want to focus on today is a pre-employment assessment test. Because this tool has been around for several decades, it's not something that gets nearly as much attention as the latest hiring app or digital tool. However, the lack of hype around pre-employment assessment tests doesn't mean they should be ignored.

On the contrary, this type of test is a simple but effective way to greatly increase the odds of bringing on the right employees. When used correctly and paired with the right set of additional hiring strategies, this kind of testing can help make a company's hiring extremely successful. So with that goal in mind, we want to cover the two best types of tests, as well as a few additional testing tips:

Skills and Pre-Cognitive Test

The best way to ensure that a candidate is going to be productive and effective on a daily basis is through a skills assessment test. What's great about this test is it can be customized to measure 1 specific skill or gauge dozens of skill sets. The skills assessment test is best paired with a pre-cognitive test. This test will help you understand exactly what motivates an employee, as well as what you can expect in terms of personality on a daily basis.

3 Pre-Employment Personality Testing Tips

Because there are so many different options for the skills assessment and pre-cognitive tests, it's worth investing time upfront to customize these tests. Our second tip is during customization, try to incorporate elements of your company's culture into the test's design. This will help create a positive experience for candidates. Finally, in terms of administering the test, research has shown that doing it after the initial interview is the optimal time.

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