Blog: Surviving a Long Job Search

Surviving a Long Job Search

Diving into the search for a new job can be exciting. But while imagining the endless ways a new job can improve life and your career will get you motivated, a few weeks or even months into it you may become frustrated and negative. Below you will find a few tips to help you maintain your search, no matter how long it lasts.

Set Goals

Doing the same thing day in and day out - scouring listings, writing cover letters, emailing resumes, doing phone screenings - can become monotonous. An easy solution? Set goals for yourself. Some ways to do that are to make deadlines for yourself, set goals for how many openings you would like to apply to each week or how long you spend searching each day, and find ways to network that will get you out from behind your computer screen, while maintaining productivity in your search at the same time.

Problem Solve

Once you start to become frustrated, it is a good idea to try to diagnose any problems in your search, resume, or interview skills before you continue. Do you have skill gaps that are keeping you from your desired role? You could freelance to gain additional job experience or work with a professional resume writer to help cover any holes in your resume. If you have already spent time focusing on these problems, a great option is to speak with a recruiter. They can help provide advice, options, and potentially find the perfect position for you. As soon as you recognize there may be a problem in your approach or experience, it would be best to find a solution as soon as possible to help shorten your search.

Don't Take it Personal

It is easy to get down on yourself when you are putting in so much time and energy into the search, correspondence, and application processes, but especially when you are not hearing back about the openings you are interested in. Just because you did not get the job, that does not always mean you did something wrong or you failed. Only offer yourself constructive criticism and steer clear of the negative thoughts. Letting these situations get to you will only interfere with future opportunities and slow down your search. If you know a friend or colleague who is also looking for a new job, team up and hold each other accountable throughout your hunt. It will be great to have someone who offers advice and cheers for you.

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