Blog: Updating Your Resume

Updating Your Resume

Have you updated your resume since the last time you were searching for a new job? If not, it may be time to make some changes to move forward with on your career path. Networking can happen any place, any time, making it necessary to have a polished resume ready to go when the time comes. You never know when you may make a great connection that could get you in front of a very successful member of your industry. No need to start fresh, take a few minutes and make one (or all five!) of these quick fixes to your old resume.

New Style

Hiring managers can receive hundreds of resumes for any given job listing so you want to make sure your resume stand out for all the right reasons. Give your resume a fresh look that matches your personal and professional brand by using a free template, found on programs such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word, or a unique downloadable template, from Etsy or other online shops. The key is to keep it polished and organized by sticking to three or less fonts and avoid symbols and photos.

Refresh Your Summary

Chances are you have grown as both a person and a professional since your last resume update. Since you are likely further along in your career by now, or at least have some new experience, ditch your previous summary or objective and start a new summary by sharing your career goals (ditch the word “objective” all together). Briefly explain these career goals and what you bring to the table using fresh action verbs. This is your chance to pitch yourself!

Add Most Recent Position

Adding your current or most recent job position is a must! Showcase how hard you have been working to advance your career with your recent position and make sure to order your job history from most recent to oldest. If you are changing industries, however, it is acceptable to put your most relative work first on the list. Either way, make sure that experience makes it onto your resume, even if that means leaving off less relative work experiences.

Update Education & Skills

As you further your career, you will acquire many new skills that could give you a leg up on other candidates. Make sure to add these new skills you have learned, as well as any initiatives or projects that you have worked on. However, it is unnecessary and repetitive to add skills that are made obvious by your previous job titles. Next, take a look at your education section and make sure it is up to date, adding any continued education or new certifications. Please note that once you get further along in your career and education, it is okay to drop your high school diploma from the education section.

Check Contact Information

This is the quickest, but most important update. Afterall, how can a potential employer contact you if this information is out of date? Make sure your phone number, email address, and home address are correct. Technology has become such a huge part of most industries, which means it may be time to add any social media handles or websites you manage if they are relevant to your career.

Once you have completed these changes, make sure to upload your updated resume to career networking sites, like LinkedIn, and share with any recruiters you are working with during your job search. Check back in and make these simple updates every few months and you will bypass the stress next time you are asked to pass your resume along.

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