Blog: How HR Can Communicate Important-But-Boring Stuff to New Hires

How HR Can Communicate Important-But-Boring Stuff to New Hires

When a new employee is hired, there's a lot of information that they need to provide and learn. Although much of this information is far from being super exciting, it's an essential part of helping that employee transition into their new role. The reality is that the more efficiently this type of information is given to an employee, the faster they'll be able to really dive into their position. So if a company wants to avoid delays that can prevent an employee from fully ramping up into their role for months or even longer, it's important to have the right practices in place with HR.

5 Ways HR Can Successfully Communicate This Type of Information

Since there's quite a bit of information that can fall into the category of important-but-boring, the best thing for HR to do is focus on the way they communicate any of this information. By doing that, they can ensure that new hires are able to promptly get the information they need, understand it and then take any action that's required. Making this process as seamless as possible will help new employees quickly take charge of their roles.

The first thing HR should think about when communicating this information is how to make it engaging. If new hires are bombarded with slides that have tons of text, they're not going to absorb much of the information. That's why a better presentation medium is something that's visual and uses a minimal amount of text. Holistic is the next characteristic for HR to focus on. While it's important to go over all relevant minutiae, there also needs to be something that connects the dot and communicates the bigger picture.

The third component of successfully communicating this type of information is to give new hires a way to find exactly what they need in the future. Since it will take some time for everyone to fully absorb all of the information that's communicated, having a reliable reference system that's easy to access across multiple platforms is invaluable.

Next up is to make the process of sharing information as collaborative as possible. No one likes being hammered over the head with an onslaught of information. By communicating in a more collaborative way, HR can enjoy the added benefit of getting real-time feedback in regards to how employees are absorbing all the information.

The last piece of this communication puzzle is ensuring information is kept up to date. Regardless of the size of a specific company, things are going to change on a regular basis. By having a system for keeping new hire information up to date, HR can prevent the need to go over the same topics on multiple occasions.

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